Workplace Hygiene Tips to Keep Employees Healthy

Whatever industry you’re in, maintaining high standards of workplace hygiene as businesses reopen is essential to keep customers and staff safe and healthy. As COVID-19 (coronavirus) restrictions ease across Australia, many small businesses are transitioning employees back to the workplace – whether that’s an office space, restaurant, retail outlet, warehouse or something entirely different. Having your employees return, and re-welcoming customers, requires careful planning including implementing comprehensive procedures around workplace hygiene to ensure everyone’s safety and health. While every industry and business brings individual challenges – from adequate space for social distancing in retail outlets, to reimagining hot-desking, to monitoring elevator occupancy – all face similar concerns. How best to protect those involved in the business, and where to begin? These tips will help you maintain high safety standards across your business. Behind the Scenes Regardless of business type, employers and business owners must establish a risk assessment process to monitor potential workplace hazards. This is an ongoing activity, with industry-specific frequency of checks, analysis and reporting. In many cases, any change to the business’s work activities requires the procedures to be reviewed. Safe Work Australia has created a four-step risk assessment process that shows you how to: 1) Identify hazards; 2) Assess risks; 3) Control risks; and 4) Review hazards and control methods.